FreePV - Opensource panorama viewer

FreePV is a viewer for QuickTime (QTVR), SPiV, cylindrical, cubic and cylindrical panoramas. The package provides a standalone panorama viewer and a Firefox/Mozilla plugin.


FreePV is still in development, however standalone viewers and plugins for Unix and Windows are already available. It is currently the best way to view QTVR files on Unix computers.

1st May 2009 ­ FreePV 0.3.0 released

After nearly two years without a stable release, freepv-0.3.0 can now be downloaded from Sourceforge.

20th April 2009 ­ Google Summer of Code

León Moctezuma will be integrating the FreePV library into VLC (VideoLAN) as part of the 2009 Google Summer of Code.

Current features




Download the source package. Currently, no prebuilt packages are available. FreePV can be built with cmake:

$ cmake .
$ make
$ make install 

For building, the following packages are required (including development packages!):


Download the windows .zip file The windows package contains the standalone viewer (freepv-glut.exe) and the mozilla plugin (nsFreePV.dll). Copy the plugin dll to the Firefox plugin directory, typcially c:\Program Files\Firefox\Plugins, or similar. The standalone viewer, freepv-glut.exe, can be placed anywhere. Simply drop a panorama file onto the viewer icon to display it.


Currently only basic functionality of a viewer is supported. The following parameters can be added to the <embed> or <object> tags used to a panoramic image in a web page. The same parameters can be specified on the command line when invoking the standalone viewer.

All parameters can also be specified in a configuration file in the home directory of the user, ($HOME/.freepv, under unix). The configuration file overwrites any parameters specified in the webpage or the command line. This is especially useful for specifying the render quality, since it doesn't make much sense to hardcode this into the webpage.

View an example how FreePV can be used to view 6 cubefaces.

Example command line usage for viewing a QTVR file with low rendering quality:

$ freepv-glut quality=low 

Support and mailing lists

The FreePV-devel list is currently the place to contribute or comment on the FreePV development.

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